The concept of creating Nex came up in 2013. Music the band wants to create is heavy, climatic modern death metal. In May 2014, Nex managed to complete its squad and play gig on Szczecin's Extreme Fest along with such formations like Obituary, Trauma and Sphere. In December the band started to work on debut EP called "Totalitarian Leader". Controversial cover mixed with texts themes, withstands any kind of totalitarian leadership which can be seen in acting of highest heads of Catholic Church. The Debut showed up in 500 copies in July 2015. It made a very good impression on fans of the genre as well as on music media. One of the greatest achievements, which should be mentioned, is gig on 7th edition of Summer Dying Loud where the band could play with such great bands like Tides From Nebula and Acid Drinkers. In June 2016 Nex was playing its first month-long tour as a headliner through 18 biggest cities of Russia! Currently the band finished working of material for LP 'The World Collapses' and getting ready for gigs in 2017.